R&D Team

Team Structure:

The R&D center is composed of Fashion design, mechanical, electronic, software, testing and project management.

1. The fashion design team is specialized in clothing style design and sample making according to the customers’ request or self development.

2.The mechanical team is specialized in 3D creation and mold design. 

3. The electronic team is specialized in the digital circuit, LF artificial circuit, HF(RF) circuit and power electronic circuit design.

4. The software team is specialized in the MCU/DSP embedded firmware, PC application, sever application and IOS/Android application design.

5. The testing team is specialized in the detailed testing to ensure the perfect design.

6. The PM team is specialized in the manpower, devices, expense/cost and time management to ensure all the project can be completed timely and efficiently.

Team Members:

Mainly focus on independent R&D, supplemented by production, learning and research. Nearly 100 well educated and experienced engineers, Bachelor degree or above is
more than 70%. Majors cover fashion design, electronic communications, radio technology, computers, software engineering, mechanical design, mold design, optics, etc.


Workplace and Instruments:

The R&D center has 520 square meter office and lab. The working place is nice and equipped with below items:

1. Optical lab, electronic lab, quality lab, clinical lab, environment lab, darkroom, chemical lab and EMI shielding lab.

2. Mechanical design platform includes, Pro/E(Creo), UG and Auto CAD

3. Electronic testing instrument includes: high speed oscilloscope, signal generator, power meter, spectrum analyzer, lighting box, light meter, DC power supplier, inverter AC power supplier, GPS signal repeater, WIFI simulation platform and SMT machine.

4. Software design instrument includes: 32bit, 16bit, 8bit MCU engineering board and DSP engineering board.

5. R&D management system.


Intellectual Property:

We focus on the intellectual property accumulation. Till the 2nd season of 2018, we obtained 18 invention patents, 28 utility model patents and 4 appearance patents, accomplished 2 science project research with the science & technology division of Dongguan and small/medium enterprise division of Dongguan. On the other side, we have many other new invention patents and utility model patents pending.


Team Management:

Due to product R&D work is a complex work, and the persons engaged in R&D must be specialized on certain realm, our R&D management is using matrix personnel allocation, specify each project staff with horizontal arrangement and specify the vertical talent on certain subject with vertical arrangement. 
On the horizontal project management, we have assigned the one who is familiar with the product structure and performance, as well as good at resources allocation and coordination. They are mostly experienced technology expert or senior management expert. 
On the vertical project management, we use the one who is familiar with product knowledge, rigorous science and engineering thinking ability and production process. Most of them are excellent engineer.